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Please note this site is no longer active - see home page for details.


I've been at this for 9 years now, and finally time, energy and the fact that I don't get to see the mighty Yeltz much nowadays means I've decided to more or less stop doing Yeltzland any more.

The main reason for the site coming into existance was to make sure Yeltz fans had somewhere where they could find out information about what was going on, and somewhere to voice their own opinions. We now have the excellent unofficial web site for the news part, and a new forum.

I've really enjoyed working on the site, and have always really appreciated the support and kind words I've had from every one - including Nigel Pitt, Ron Moseley and all of the people who put in so much time to keep the club going. Also a big thanks to Dave Johnson for providing his match reports, and for Chas for keeping me up to date with scores during the game.

The site probably won't disappear all together. Fantasy Island will continue mainly because I think we all enjoy it, and I may keep my results and table up to date because I'm a nerd and I enjoy it :-)

Also please note I'm not giving up on supporting the club in any way whatsoever. I'll probably post more on the new forum than I did here (although I'll have to stop putting sarky comments in red I suppose!), and I'll still be getting to as many games as I can.

Below is a list of useful links of other Halesowen Town web sites that I hope you'll find interesting.

Unofficial Halesowen Town site


Halesowen Town Forum


Yeltz Trust


Yeltz Fan site

New site at http://www.brightgoldenhaze.co.uk


But Fantasy Island Lives On!

Fantasy Island is down for maintenance - back soon!

Fantasy Island Top Scores

1 Steve from the Waggon 129
2 Dazzling Dazza 112
3 Dutchref 107
= Paul Guest 107
5 Bullseye301 104
(To see a full list, go to the Official Scoreboard)

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