Yeltz 3 Salisbury 3

19 December 1998

A day later and I'm still confused whether to be pleased or not. To come back from 3 behind with only 20 minutes to go is brilliant, but let's not kid ourselves - it was a relegation battle that we needed to win.

After a couple of clean sheets we hoped the defensive problems had been sorted out, but we gifted themall three goals with sloppy marking. They must have been feeling sorry for us as they left Pie-arce completely open for our first, and then The Prodigal One scored a beauty.

We didn't realise they'd kicked off the second half early (not that we usually get out the clubhouse in time) and didn't realise that when we got a late penalty - a trip on Evran - it was going to be the last kick. Crispy kept his nerve fantastically well and just knocked it in the top corner. Phew!