Grantham 0 Yeltz 0

02 January 1999

After the heroics against Nuneaton, a weary Yeltz ground out a hard-fought 0-0 draw against lumbering Grantham .

It was our first visit to Grantham's new(ish) out-of-town stadium, a horrible affair with a running track and a couple of character-less concrete stands on each side. A strong wind blowing straight down the boggy pitch hindered any attempts at playing good football, and to be honest not a lot happened . They were a big team without much skill, and we battled hard without really threatening.

At the end of a productive holiday period (I think we'd have been happy with 7 points beforehand, although probably would have expected to gain them in a different manner), we've climbed up to 12th place in the table , although this could have changed after this afternoon's (Sunday's) games.

It's very close except at the very top and the very bottom. The good news is we're only 7 points behind 2nd-placed Boston - the bad news is we're only 5 points above the relegation zone and every one below us has got games in hand.