No game cos' we'd already played it

25 January 1999

Welcome to the new, slightly more exciting world of . I hope you found it OK - I won't be updating the old site any more so if you could update your bookmarks, links etc. to here now I'd be much obliged.

Moving the site means I can now add interactive content - for example, check out the greatly expanded Anorak Corner for loads more stats than you could possibly be interested in.

There's also Fantasy Island where you can compete against the world in showing you can predict how the mighty Yeltz will do in their battle for survival.

On a footballing front, we've been inactive for ages which unfortunately means several teams have used some of their games in hand to go above us. We're now 17th in the table , and in big trouble.

On the positive side, Paul Harding has been put on the transfer list . Grattan are favourites to sign him.