Yeltz 0 Gloucester 1

30 January 1999

A rusty-looking Yeltz dropped to only one place above the relegation zone with a very depressing 1-0 loss at home to Glouceter.

You might have thought the long break would have left us raring to go , but on a very cut up pitch - what price having other teams pay us to ruin the pitch if we go down? - we struggled to get anything going .

They had one very successful tactic; give it to their big center-forward and let him run at our defence. The only plan we had was to hack him down , but unfortunately (and pretty obviously) all this led to was 3 bookings and a penalty .

We tried hard in the second half, and did manage to hit the bar (with the ball, not at half-time). However even with Pie-arce coming on (not looking fully recovered) and nearly sneaking one, we never really threatened their keeper. Very disappointing .