Yeltz 4 Rothwell 0

13 February 1999

This was a CRUCIAL win in our relegation battle. A loss would have dropped us into the relegation zone, but two goals from young Birch and another two from Pie-arce has moved us up a couple of places in the table to a whopping 16th.

If you haven't already heard, Delton Francis has been sold to Conference side Kingstonian for a fee of either £10,000 or £18,000 depending on who you listen to. The longstanding rumours of Evran's problems with the law have been proved true - he's in court on March 8th on drugs-related charges - so I've no idea who's going to playing up front soon.

On a "brighter" note, the Halesowen News says Hastings will be resigning from the Premier League next season as their Mr Moneybags has pulled out, which should mean one less team will be relegated . Hopefully we won't be depending on this at the end of the season