Yeltz 3 Hastings 3

24 April 1999

The last home game of the season brought another goal-feast to The Grove, a 3-3 draw with Hastings featuring yet another Steve Piearce hat-trick (the 4th in 2 months). He's now got an unbelievable 30 goals (we've decided to give him the one on Boxing Day) this season despite the fact he was injured for long spells throughout. Please stay Stevo .

We took the lead just before half-time, but were soon down 2-1 after the break. They replied to Stevo's 2nd almost straight afterwards, and it took an injury-time equaliser for us to gain a point.

If you didn't know already, the theme for the fancy dress next week at Atherstone is pop-stars - mainly because the Jolly Boys (who've always been known for their great style and taste) have hired several limos for the day.

It should be a brilliant day, with the added bonus of an extremely exciting conclusion to the Fantasy Island competition.