Yeltz 0 Dorchester 1

14 August 1999

Very disappointing. After a reasonably promising run of pre-season friendlies, The Yeltz got off to a dismal start in the real stuff, going down 1-0 at The Grove to Dorchester .

In an uninspiring match, the only goal of the game was a penalty early in the second half to the visitors. Not what we were looking for but it's early days yet so let's not get too downhearted .

Old news now but if you haven't heard, we've signed ex-Northern Ireland international Rob Dennison - for a bit anyway. Let's hope he's as successful as his old Wolves teammate Paul Birch has been.

Anyway I'm back from me hols now so hopefully the site will be a bit more up-to-date than it has been of late :-)