FAC2Q - Oadby 2 Yeltz 1

18 September 1999

I usually try and make an effort to put a positive slant on things, as there's enough people around who'll moan if they get half a chance. However this time I'm really struggling.

They were rubbish. They're a West. Mids. League standard team if you can remember back to those days, and in the first half we outclassed them, leading 1-0 at the break with a nice goal from Lyndon Rowlands .

However, only one team seemed to remember it was the FA Cup in the second half. They battled and scrapped for everything and once they'd snuck an equaliser , we went completely to pieces.

Whether it was because Birchy had got injured, but no-one (on our side) seemed to have any idea about what to do, and it wasn't a great surprise when they scored the winner . It was a sort of breakaway goal, but describing it like that gives the impression that we were mounting some kind of pressure at the other end.

We were desperate for a decent cup run to spark the season into life, and now we're left feeling worse than ever. Very poor .

If you've got anything to say about all of this, I'm sure there will be much discussion this week on the Yeltz mailing list .