Yeltz 0 Margate 3

25 September 1999

I can't remember if I've ever felt so downbeat about our prospects for the rest of the season. For as long as I've supported the Yeltz (over 17 years now) we've always had a pretty good side with the potential to win things. I have no confidence at all that the next 7 months aren't going to be one long relegation battle .

I hoped that last week's FA Cup debacle would be the turning point, but unfortunately it's got worse . A spineless 3-0 defeat at home to Margate . After the win at Atherstone and creditable draw with Boston, we've slipped back again to our early season form. Come on.

On a (slightly) brighter note, Catalogue Man Paul Harding has finally signed for Dulwich Hamlet after being on loan there for a while. Good riddance. Also, I believe we've got a match next weekend against Dorchester , rearranaged to take advantage of our free FA Cup weekend.