Yeltz 3 Ilkeston 0

26 October 1999

My my! Things are looking better. A quick glance to your right and you'll see we've won the last three games . Hurrah!

After a shaky start, Clinton Thomas has now started to find the back of the net, and goals in the 31st and 66th minutes set The Yeltz on their way against an in-form Ilkeston (they'd beaten Salisbury 6-0 on Saturday). A late third from Darren Wright capped what was probably the best result so far this season. They had a man sent off and arrived late because their coach broke down, but it's about time we had a bit of luck.

We're off to Wales on Saturday when we visit Newport - don't forget that it's an early kick-off (12.15 I think) presumably because of the Rugby World Cup.