Yeltz 3 Clevedon 0

06 November 1999

That's 4 games on the trot without letting any in now, and subsequently we've climbed to a magnificent 10th place in the table. First-half goals from Matt Gardiner and Evran Wright set us well on our way, with Evran scoring a third after the break.

In a surprising and (slightly) dsappointing move, Lyndon Rowlands has been allowed to go to King's Lynn for a "nominal fee". With Stuart Payne back at Kiddy, we're a little short of cover up front now. Still, if Clinton and Evran keep doing the business it's not looking so bad.

I've been tinkering with the site this week, so hopefully everything is working OK. The main new feature is to let you lot to add your own match reports.

I'm finding it harder to get to Yeltz matches regularly, so I'm hoping there'll be loads of you who want to contribute to the site. Simply click on the link below and follow the instructions when you get there. Don't worry, you don't need to know HTML or anything - just send your report and I'll do the rest.

Match Report from Andi

A great game in the cold cold Halesowen air. Man of the Match was Clinton Thomas (could it be anyone else?) as he helped set up Evran (2) and Matty Gardner. A surprising absentee from the game was Richard Crisp, so Ashley Brown was recalled at right back.

Somehow their number 4 didn't get sent off after continually fouling Clinton the whole game and was only booked. He also got Clinton booked.

Adie Cooper cleared what would have been a consolation goal for Clevedon off the line. The result puts the Yeltz and 10th and drops me to 4th. (Fantasy Island)