Grantham 1 Yeltz 0

09 November 1999

The end of a good run but unfortunately there's a reasonable chance it won't matter at the end of the season.

Grantham are in severe financial difficulties, and it could well have been their last game ever (you can read all about it at the Grantham web site if you're interested) as they are on the verge of bankruptcy. If they do go under, I guess the game will be annulled, but we really don't want that to happen - and for the more one-eyed of you out there, don't forget we'd lose the three points we gained earlier in the year.

I don't have any details of the game as yet, but hopefully some of you will send a match report to fill the rest of us in

Match Report from Darren Marklew

Team : McDonnell, Brown, Cooper, Wood, Lloyd, Gardiner, Birch, E Wright, Crisp, Smith, D Wright. Subs: Thomas, Owen (not sure who the other one was)

Well how depressing. It was just like being at Welling to watch Dartford's last game (only Adam Patrick didn't score the winner in the 53rd minute!)

We had a few chances at the end, especially when Crispie hit the bar, but really we didn't create much and Grantham scored the only real chance they had early in the second half. I guess you can't expect much considering Evran started (and finished) the game upfront on his own.

Rumour mongers were out in Grantham though, and suggestions are we may well sign a bloke called Andy Jones from Halesowen Harriers (proven goalscorer, hmmmm!!) and Payne may still come if Kiddie pay out some or all of his remaining contract.

So I guess it was worth going if only for these rumours (even if they do have a habit of being wrong!)