Yeltz 1 Telford 1

05 August 2000

Just two weeks to go now to the real thing, but things are looking quite promising for the season ahead. Saturday brought another creditable result against a Conference team, starring Ralphy Crisp - remember him? :-)

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One more friendly game to endure - home or away to Causeway United next Saturday.

Match Report from Kieron

What's Black and Yellow and scares the sh*t of everyone? Apart from Forrest that is. Well the Greater Horntail that came towards me as I was leaving the house certainly has the necessary intimidating credentials. Plays in the right colours too. Did you know such fearsome creatures can cut through sheet metal? Mind you, our midfielders now carry a sting in their tail.

Tenacious Scouse proffered at the beginning of the game. Belligerent maybe? And these are friendly games. Bring on the Salisbury for a 'mons game.' The pre-season programme is the best we've seen for years.

Three Conference outfits to test all departments and none has been found severely wanting. Sure there have been faults - Telford's goal was a right cock-up at the back but the promise of our new blokes has more than compensated.

Slinky skills were once again displayed and some of the movement and passing was tremendous. Scott Darroch was inspired at times - Ralphy was an early benefactor of a superlative display of his ability to shake off close attention and he almost repaid with a brilliant strike which skimmed over the bar. Looking as fit as ever in his first game, Ralphy snuck upfront to receive an audacious flick from Neil Cartwright who seemed to be relishing the contest with his old team.

Fortuitous maybe but Ralph managed to lob the flailing keeper who was caught off guard. The scorching weather put paid to a second half slog and most players wished they were on the touchline with the subs soaking up the sunshine. Hope someone's taped these games for John Chambers.