Yeltz 2 Crawley 2

09 September 2000

We were 2-0 up, only 5 minutes were left and Crawley were down to 10 men - surely we must get our first win of the season?

I can't remember a more devastating end to a game. We hadn't really played that well, but three points would have really boosted our confidence and turned the whole season around. Now we're desparately awaiting a new manager to get things going. Anyway, I'll try and summarise what happened in an unbelievably eventful game in my match report .

I was at the shareholders' meeting on Friday. News on the managerial front is:

Next Saturday we visit Clevedon Town in the League. I'm afraid news here may appear even later than usual, as The Jolly Boys will all be in Ireland on Guy Cooper's stag do.

Match Report from Poll

To be honest, it's a day later and I'm still a bit in shock. 2-0 up AND the ref an ex-Halesowen player, you've got to fancy your chances.

The team selection seemed a bit mad to me, but after our last few results I guess you'll try anything. We had hundreds of defenders playing and Les Hines on the right, but I guess it all worked out pretty well. First half was about even - well not a lot happened, except for one amazing incident where after some desparate Yeltz defending the ball ricocheted of the consistently brilliant Mr. Crossbar at about 200 mph.

The second half was completely mental. First daft thing was their defender punching the ball out and hoping no-one would notice. They spent ages arguing, but he had to go and Les Hines knocked in the pen. Next up, Ross Collins brought down a cross with perfect control and smacked it in the corner. The only flaw in what was a fantastic goal was that he'd obviously used his arm to bring it down. Mr. Scarr must have had something in his blue and white contact lenses as he was the only person on the ground (I suppose the linesmen too?) who didn't see it. Good work.

I think DJ said it was 86 minutes when they got one back, but surely with the extra man all we had to do was keep the ball? I'm hoping it was just a lack of confidence that caused us to panic as we went completely to pieces, started hacking it anywhere, and then were devastated when they somehow managed an equaliser right at the end. Not surprisingly they went completely doolahly and we consolidated our 21st place in the table. It were the worst.