Yeltz P-P Ilkeston; Moor Green P-P Yeltz

01 January 2001

The bad weather meant a pretty miserable year was brought to a miserable end with two postponements. A quick nose around Anorak Corner and I came up with the following stats - our record in the year 2000 was: To put this into perspective, compare this to last year's final table and I reckon we'd need a win in the 42nd match not to get relegated . Hmmm.

Saturday brings the start of a long run of away games (although with our home form the way it is this might be a good thing) with a crucial relegation battle at Tamworth - weather permitting of course.

P.S. Now the holidays are over normal service should be resumed on the site. Apologies for the lack of updates over the last few days, but not a lot happened really.