Yeltz 3 Cambridge 0

21 April 2001

Almost inevitable. Now we're mathematically relegated we finally get the sort of result we've been looking for with an emphatic 3-0 win against Cambridge . Second half goals from Les Hines and two from Andy Spencer took us above Clevedon and out of that humiliating last place.

At the bottom, Folkestone won again so Fisher and Clevedon are confirmed to finish in the bottom four as well, with Dorchester also on the brink. There are rumours of Margate being investigated by the tax man, and we all know the number of relegation spots is never settled until well after the season has finished (just ask Cambridge), so we do need to finish as high as possible. We're only 3 points behind Dorchester and Fisher so we can do it, but don't get your hopes up that it'll make any difference .

It's been confirmed that, following the end of the Hamer Ford sponsorship, we'll be back playing in our traditional blue and white next season. It's going to be a real "All Our Yesterday's" extravaganza seeing some of the old favourites who we're going to meet in the Western Division :-(

On Thursday we make yet another attempt to play Havant at The Grove, and then next Saturday takes us to London to play Fisher in the last away game of the season . The traditional fancy dress has been cancelled through depression, but I'm sure we'll be trying to enjoy ourselves as much as possible.