Yeltz 2 Bath 0

05 May 2001

It's all over. It were the worst, but we finished of an awful season on a positive note with a 2-0 win over Bath , both goals coming from young Dennis Bailey .

In the circumstances, things do look reasonably positive. Brendan Phillips has signed a two year contract to remain manager , which is very good news . Since he's took over we've looked a much better team, even though we didn't get the results the improvement deserved.

We're very excited about the possibility of having some sort of Jolly Boys logo on the shirts next year. We're just putting together a major consortium to enter into the brilliant lottery scheme to raise sponsorship money (see here for details - at the bottom of that page).

Obviously the site will be updated less frequently over the summer months, but I'll try and keep everyone up-to-date on everything I know, so keep on sending me anything you know or post it on YeltzTalk . It's going to be a lot harder next season to maintain the site as we won't be on Ceefax any more, but I'm hoping to make some major-ish changes to the site before August if I can find the time.

Thanks to everyone who's sent me news and gossip over the last year; personally I can't wait for our promotion season next year already :-)