Rugby 1 Yeltz 0

28 February 2004

The mighty Yeltz are looking a lot less likely to challenge for the league title after losing 1-0 to second-placed Rugby. It was a pretty disappointing display, even though we probably had the better of a poor game without really threatening until the last few minutes. With Redditch winning again we're a long way behind now even if we do win our games in hand.

Not being a regular at the games it's often difficult for me to comment, but watching yesterday was very frustrating. We don't have a settled nucleus of a team, and this is bound to show when we need to pull together in situations like yesterday. However good some of these temporary signings are, they're not really going to give absolutely everything if they're just playing to get fit or waiting for something better to turn up. Obviously just one not very informed person's opinion though.

Anyway we've got the irrelevant Worcester Senior Cup on Monday, before visiting Gresley next week in the league. With the FA now ratifying the Conference Division One for next season, we need to continue our steady run of form to ensure we finish in the top seven to get into one of the leagues below the new divisions.