Gloucester 3 Yeltz 3 and Yeltz 1 Merthyr 0

01 January 2005

The great thing about this season is that we've built up a great team spirit on the field, which showed up with two excellent battling performances over the holiday period. A fight back from three goals down at Gloucester was followed by a very hard fought victory over league leaders Merthyr on New Year's Day.

You can read full details of both games in Dave's match reports, but I'd just like to add what a fantastic performance it was against Merthyr in the worst conditions I can remember for a long time. Nathan's goal was fantastic, and we fully deserved the victory.

Going into 2005 we really have got all to play for. We're currently 5th in the table , but still have a game in hand on the leaders. However only 9 points separate 2nd from 15th(!) place so it's going to be an exciting second-half of the season.

One thing I have noticed on the site in the last year is lots of new fans getting involved. This is always good news, but I just want to remind everyone about what this site (and club) is all about. Yeltzland is not or never will be an official site, but it's run (and paid for!) by me in my spare time for the benefit of Yeltz fans. For that reason it's ultimately down to me what goes on the site - even though it takes a lot more effort to keep on top of things - because I strongly believe the quality of everyone's experience is helped my me deleting the usual abusive messages most unmoderated forums end up being. If that ends up with people occasionally feeling frustrated that they are not being heard, I can only say I'm doing what I think best for everyone.

The website (and fanzine before it) always had an excellent relationship with the club - the reason for this being we are not a Man Utd. or WBA; we're a small non-league club where everyone knows each other. The benefit of this is that whenever you have any issues with how the club is run, you can talk to the board members directly - they're probably standing next to you in the crowd. This is the reason why I won't allow personal insults written at them on this site - if you've got something to say to them find them at the game and say it to them directly not through this website. This doesn't mean that no criticism is allowed, but there are limits.

OK enough of me going on - I hope everyone has a happy 2005, and we can continue to enjoy and appreciate what has been sor far one of the best seasons I can remember in many years.