Yeltz 7 Yate 2

11 October 2005

The indomitable Yeltz bounced back from Saturday's cup defeat and a lot of criticism with an impressive 7-2 victory over struggling Yate. Two goals each from Nick Smith and H and a hat-trick from Nathan made it a night to remember in front of a disappointing crowd of 243.

There's been lots of calls on YeltzTalk for the manager to be sacked, but maybe they'll disappear for a while after last night. The thing that is frustrating me is the way some people are determined to see it as a black and white issue - you're either 100% against the manager or 100% for him - a stance which is guaranteed to cause friction in the club.

My stance on this has been pretty consistent over the years - you support the club as much as you can even when you might have some reservations, unless it gets so bad that something must be done. Even then you can trust the people who run the club to do the right thing, as they are fans too and will know when the time is right to change things.

To point out the bleeding obvious once again - we are a small non-league club not Man. Utd., and we are all in this together. We are becoming a laughing stock amongst fans from other clubs, and frankly I'm embarrased by some of the posts that are on this site. Think how you want our (yes OUR) club is portrayed before you leave a message.

What a pain to have to write all that after a stunning 7-2 victory. Still, we're back in action on Saturday in the FA Trophy with a tricky tie at home to Willenhall.