Yeltz 2 Mangotsfield 0 - Rugby 0 Yeltz 0

21 March 2006

Unbeaten in 5 league games, but 3 draws and only 2 wins means our outside chance of getting that last play-off spot is just about extinguished. We're now 10 points behind Bedford and even if we win our last 7 games it's not looking likely we'll do it. Still it's good we're putting a good run together.

More worrying was the crowd on Saturday - 216 is the lowest on a Saturday for many many years. I'm not sure why it should drop off so steeply for this game, but hopefully it's a temporary blip. However in reality it's part of the general trend of dissatisfaction with the perceived performance and entertainment value on the pitch - however justified those criticisms are - and is very concerning.

We don't have a game Saturday, so the next game is on Tuesday when Tiverton are the the visitors to The Grove.