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Some good news for a change - Margate 's appeal to the FA has been accepted and they will be promoted next season to replace hapless Cambridge City .

So the Jolly Boys will be off on a pilgrimage to their spiritual home instead of coming over to Cambridge to pester me into entertaining them. Hurrrrrraaaaaaaaaaah!

Latest transfer news is that Snapper briefly came available when Hereford released him, but then he stupidly went and signed for Nuneaton . Also, ex-Yeltz manager Johnny Morris has become the new manager of Oldbury United .

I've had yet another message from a player on the guestbook - this time from Mark Peters that you might find interesting.




It's been confirmed - according to several people who mailed me (thanks!) - that Steve Piearce has finally signed for Hereford .

I got a nice message from Steve on the guestbook you might be interested in if you can find it amid all the crap I seem to be getting about the mighty Carlos these days.

Still unconfirmed are the rumours that Les Palmer will be signed from Blakenhall, as well as another much travelled striker .

More news if and when I get it (thanks again to everyone who's mailed me), but if you do hear anything let me know .




It's only a week into the close season and things aren't looking good already. The current situation is this:

The YTS team have also been disbanded next season and any players remaining (hopefully we'll have at least 11) will be on reduced wages . Hmmm.

On a brighter note, Paul Birch was Supporters Player of the Year , and Crispy was Player's Player .

More news as I get it (and thanks to my sources for the above info!)




Atherstone 0 Yeltz 2

An eventful and somewhat disappointing season was wrapped up with a 2-0 victory at the Atherstone dump .

Second half goals from Rob Elmes and from Steve Pie-arce (confirmed as the league's top scorer) means we finished in 8th place in the end - not brilliant but a lot better than it could have been when at one point we were in real relegation trouble.

As usual, the last away game saw the Yeltz fans dressing up in all sorts of stupid costumes. The Jolly Boys hired limos for the day, and the highlight of the day was seeing the Stourbridge bus on the way home which resulted in ... well, I better not say ;-)

So we enter the dark days of summer with the prospects for next season looking very unclear . It seems certain that Steve Piearce and Ian Reed will be leaving The Grove, and the club's financial situation means we're not really sure how we're going to replace them. I'll bring you any news I hear, so let me know if you hear any gossip, rumours etc.

Have a jolly summer and I'll see you all next season.




Yeltz 3 Hastings 3

The last home game of the season brought another goal-feast to The Grove, a 3-3 draw with Hastings featuring yet another Steve Piearce hat-trick (the 4th in 2 months). He's now got an unbelievable 30 goals (we've decided to give him the one on Boxing Day) this season despite the fact he was injured for long spells throughout. Please stay Stevo .

We took the lead just before half-time, but were soon down 2-1 after the break. They replied to Stevo's 2nd almost straight afterwards, and it took an injury-time equaliser for us to gain a point.

If you didn't know already, the theme for the fancy dress next week at Atherstone is pop-stars - mainly because the Jolly Boys (who've always been known for their great style and taste) have hired several limos for the day.

It should be a brilliant day, with the added bonus of an extremely exciting conclusion to the Fantasy Island competition.




Gloucester 2 Yeltz 0

I suppose it couldn't go on for ever, but it's a shame our long unbeaten run couldn't have lasted until the end of the season. A 2-0 loss at Gloucester was a first loss in 12 games, but thankfully by now we're well safe from any relegation worries.

At the bottom , Burton beat Dorchester 7-0 and other results mean Cambridge are in big trouble (), with the other two places looking to be between Dorchester, Rothwell and Gresley .




Yeltz 4 Ilkeston 1

After a long few months of worrying whether we were going to get relegated or not , an 11 game unbeaten run has taken us up to an amazing 4th place .

A brilliant 4-1 victory over 2nd placed Ilkeston is our 4th win in a row, with goals from Elmes, Piearce, Birch and Bradley following an early Ilkeston goal. Hurraaaaah!

We're now officially safe from the drop - all this and my lucky socks were in the washing machine.




Yeltz 2 Cambridge 1

The Mighty Yeltz extended their unbeaten run to 10 games with a scrappy victory over doomed (hopefully) Cambridge.

As the Jolly Boys were sponsoring the game (in honour of it being Sean's last game before moving to Barcelona) we were watching from the seats . This was a frightening experience as:

This meant we had an excellent view of Lloydy barging the Cambridge forward over to concede a penalty which meant they took an early lead . We didn't really do much after that but finally equalised when somehow Matt Gardiner found himself in front of goal to knock in a rebound from the keeper.

The second half was pretty dire; they were happy to launch any possesion as long as possible, and we simply did nothing. However, we clinched another three points when Ralphy Crisp hit a scorcher into the top corner - although the best bit was his delayed celebrations when he didn't know he'd scored .

Thanks to the club for everything yesterday, and once again good luck to Sean in his new life in Spain.




Bromsgrove 2 Yeltz 5

The facts are as follows: In the last 9 games we now scored 6 wins and 3 draws, scored 27 goals, of which 16 were scored by the remarkable Steve Piearce . Hurrah!

The latest win at Bromsgrove has sent them down to the Midland Division, and us up to 9th place , only 3 points off 4th. Hurrah!

The supporters are sponsoring the game on Saturday in honour of it being Sean's last game before he moves to Barcelona , so here's hoping we send him off in style.




Yeltz 3 Tamworth 0

Another storming hat-trick from Stevo Pie-arce extended our unbeaten run to 8 games against local rivals Tamworth .

Goals in the 2nd, 49th and 86th minutes means we're back in the top half of the table again.

Congratulations must (I suppose!) go to Nuneaton for clinching the title already by beating Atherstone. They've been easily the best team in what seems a mediocre bunch this year, and fully deserve to be back in the Conference after a long absence.