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Review of the 1995-96 season

Re-live one of the greatest seasons of the mighty Yeltz's long history in DJ's comprehensive review

Why are we called The Yeltz?

No one knows for sure, but here's an summary from the excellent Yeltzmen book that's the best explanation we have!




Yeltz P Ilkeston P

The bad weather meant we cleverly made several of our relegation rivals use up one of their games in hand as our game against Ilkeston was called off . We haven't got a game next week either, so things should be a bit clearer by the time Gloucester visit The Grove on the 30th .

We've slipped a place in the table to 14th, and are only (gulp) 3 points above the relegation zone . Makes the rest of the season interesting I suppose.




BSC Yeltz 1 Wolves 2

It was nice while it lasted, but our glorious reign as the best team in Birmingham ended with a 2-1 defeat against Wolves in the B'ham Senior Cup . They scored the winner in the last minute, with the Yeltz goal coming from Ian Reed . That's us out of all the cups now, so we can concentrate on achieving a nice, safe mid-table position in the League (please!)




Crawley 1 Yeltz 1

The Yeltz earned a hard-fought point on Saturday with an excellent 1-1 draw at high-flying Crawley .

They're probably the only team who can get remotely close to Nuneaton if they win their games in hand, so it was never going to be easy. They had most of the play , but the defence - and Danny in particular - were well solid. We even took the lead through a Ralphy Crisp header just after half-time, but they equalised just after and piled on the pressure. However we held firm and came away with a welcome point .

Every other game was decisive and it's probably even closer now, with only 9 points covering 3rd to 18th in the table. We've slipped a couple of places to 13th .




Grantham 0 Yeltz 0

After the heroics against Nuneaton, a weary Yeltz ground out a hard-fought 0-0 draw against lumbering Grantham .

It was our first visit to Grantham's new(ish) out-of-town stadium, a horrible affair with a running track and a couple of character-less concrete stands on each side. A strong wind blowing straight down the boggy pitch hindered any attempts at playing good football, and to be honest not a lot happened . They were a big team without much skill, and we battled hard without really threatening.

At the end of a productive holiday period (I think we'd have been happy with 7 points beforehand, although probably would have expected to gain them in a different manner), we've climbed up to 12th place in the table , although this could have changed after this afternoon's (Sunday's) games.

It's very close except at the very top and the very bottom. The good news is we're only 7 points behind 2nd-placed Boston - the bad news is we're only 5 points above the relegation zone and every one below us has got games in hand.




Yeltz 2 Nuneaton 0

Perhaps we've turned the corner. In a fantastic start to 1999, The Yeltz beat runaway leaders Nuneaton 2-0 in front a bumper holiday crowd of 1521, the goals coming from Paul Birch - following a brilliant in the 14th minute - and a late clincher from Evran in injury-time after their keeper had been sent off.




Yeltz 1 Bromsgrove 0

Finally we got the Xmas present we all wanted, with a MUCH needed 1-0 win at home to Bromsgrove .




Tamworth 3 Yeltz 1

We're only one place above the relegation zone now following another depressing defeat , this time 3-1 at fellow strugglers Tamworth .

Even more depressingly, it was all we deserved . We were two down fairly early on, but got one back when a shot by Ian Reed was deflected by in by Steve Piearce - although the goal's been officially credited to Reedy . We had hopes of getting back into it in the second half down the slope, but it wasn't to be as it was only a couple of brilliant saves by Danny that kept the score down.

Here's a bit of light-hearted holiday reading for you - our league record broken down in a completely arbritary way :




DMC Yeltz 0 Bilston 2

Here's a sobering thought: For the last three years the team in the fourth relegation spot got 45pts , 45pts and 46pts . After half our league games this season we've got 23pts.

We're now out of another cup, losing 2-0 at home to Bilston in the League Cup .




Yeltz 3 Salisbury 3

A day later and I'm still confused whether to be pleased or not. To come back from 3 behind with only 20 minutes to go is brilliant, but let's not kid ourselves - it was a relegation battle that we needed to win.

After a couple of clean sheets we hoped the defensive problems had been sorted out, but we gifted themall three goals with sloppy marking. They must have been feeling sorry for us as they left Pie-arce completely open for our first, and then The Prodigal One scored a beauty.

We didn't realise they'd kicked off the second half early (not that we usually get out the clubhouse in time) and didn't realise that when we got a late penalty - a trip on Evran - it was going to be the last kick. Crispy kept his nerve fantastically well and just knocked it in the top corner. Phew!




Bath 0 Yeltz 0

Another clean sheet and another point, but this time it was a very creditable 0-0 draw away to second placed Bath. They'd only let in one goal in the last 7 games, and had won their last 5 home games, so this was an excellent result.